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Your experts for the Turkish procurement market

The cost of shipping containers from the Far East has increased dramatically while container availability is becoming increasingly limited. These developments are forcing numerous companies to look for alternative, more efficient manufacturing locations. The MILES Consulting & Commerce misplaced their Focus on Turkey as a promising new production point and thus presents its customers with a significantly cheaper option compared to Chinese production facilities.


Our expertise as a service partner lies in exploring gaps in the market and innovatingDevelop online sales strategies.Our commitment is to refine all processes within the production cycle to meet the needs of our customers and realize a collective increase in productivity.

In this process, we attach great importance to the long-term impact of our actions and the assumption of responsibility.


Location Germany:

Hohenemsweg 5 - 73760 Ostfildern

Location Türkiye:

5. Levent - 34060 Istanbul


+49 173 66 698 81

+90 536 461 83 42


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